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definition -of-neuromarketingI went hunting through my blog topic file and came upon some notes I had scribbled down from a neuromarketing article by Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence. You are probably wondering what the meaning of “neuromarketing” is?

What is the definition of neuromarketing?

I’ll give you the easiest definition.  According to The Neuromarketing Sciences Business Association, “Neuromarketing studies which emotions are relevant in human decision making and uses this knowledge to make marketing more effective. The knowledge is applied in product design, enhancing promotions and advertising, pricing, store design and the improving the consumer experience in a whole.” In other words, it’s the science of what makes people buy. Neuromarketing = buyology

If I could only go back to college and change my major!  I think this field would be an interesting course of study.  I find the topic very interesting and so will you …once I get going!

What findings have neuromarketing studies discovered?

1. 95% of the brain function involved in buying is non-conscious based upon emotions.

Takeaway – People buy mostly based upon emotions so make your products and services emotionally appealing.  Find things you have in common to get the person to like and trust you Socialize for ten minutes before getting down to business. “Oh,I have a handbag just like that and I love it.”  “I’m from New Jersey, too.”  (I say that a lot. It works!)

2. The power of a handshake increases your likeability.


definition -of-neuromarketing

Takeaway –  handshaking is a great way to form a connection with your client. Studies show that when a waiter or waitress touches the bill payer, their tip is larger.

 3. Reciprocity has merit when it comes to buying.




Takeaway Do something for your client  first and they will do something for you. Give them a free e –book  and you ‘ll get their email address and maybe even their business.  People  feel indebted to you when you give them something for free.  If I’ve sampled your new ice cream flavor for free, there is more of a likelihood that I will buy it  from you . Now you know why grocery stores have sampling stations.

4. In most cases, it’s better to use a simple font like Arial or Verdana when advertising.

For instance, a study was done on tomato soup purchases in restaurants.  The researchers noticed that when the type of soup was printed on a menu in a simple font as opposed to something frilly, there were more people buying tomato soup. The buyers subconsciously thought that it wouldn’t be a complicated process to get their soup – it would be fast and easy.

Takeaway – make your fonts in your marketing content readable.  If people have trouble deciphering your message, their brains are having trouble processing the information and you won’t get the sale.

5. If you want to synchronize with someone’s brain, tell a story. The story holds our attention  and encourages  our imagination to work.




Takeaway – any time you can incorporate a story into your marketing , do so.  If you are giving a presentation or writing a blog post, start with a story to attract your audience’s attention. If you are writing an online profile for yourself, make it a story.

I hope you now understand the definition of neuromarketing.  There is so much to learn about why consumers buy that can help closing the sale an easier process. When we write content for your blog posts, web sites and social media sites, we always employ some of the findings of neuromarketing research in our approach. If you need content writing help, please contact us soon at 904-553-0366. Right now we do have some openings available for content writing services, but they are filling up quickly.   The word is out that content is extremely important in attracting, converting, and delighting your clients .  Take a look at our Solutions page to see the many writing options we provide.




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