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Is your small business off to a good start for 2017? How can you ensure your small business success in 2017? What can you do to attract, convert, close, and delight customers?  Here are a few suggestions you might consider.

Strategies to Ensure Your Small Business Success in 2017

1. Revise your logo.

Keep in mind that your logo is part of your brand that helps consumers identify you. If it no longer reflects your brand, you will need to change it. If making major changes to it will cost you customers, you might consider minor tweaking.  I highly recommend using a graphic designer who will design your logo in a format that can be easily resized without losing the resolution.

2. Get new business cards which reflect your brand’s current logo and colors.

Include your name, title, company name, and tagline but make sure that you don’t overcrowd the card. Leave some blank space and use a high-quality paper stock for your cards. Stay away from odd-shaped cards because people may not be able to fit them easily into a wallet or purse. Make sure you always carry some cards with you and give them out at networking events, trade shows, and conferences.  Don’t leave them in a drawer.

3. Review your current signage on your vehicle or storefront.

Does it need updating because it looks worn or some of the lettering is not legible? Do your company vans or trucks that are out on the highways lack signage? Per the Outdoor Advertising Association, a simple vehicle wrap can generate between 30-70K impressions (views)daily. They are a sensible investment because of their low cost per impression and their broad reach.

4. Revise your website.

Update any old information.  Delete services you no longer provide and include your new services. Include more recent photos or new images that better reflect your business to give your website a fresh look. Review your page keywords and ensure that they are helping you rank for your location. If not, do a keyword search and find ones that don’t have a lot of competition, have a high volume of searches, and accurately reflect your services or products.

5. Get customer testimonials for your Google My Business page from current or past satisfied clients.

This will improve your ranking on Google, also. Make sure you explain the type of review you want them to write. Just saying your company did a good job doesn’t cut it. Make it a habit to get reviews from customers throughout the year while you are still providing services to them.

6. Review your pricing.

Is it time for a price increase for your services and products?  How does your pricing compare with your competitors? Can you offer packages of services which afford your customers discounts the more they purchase? Does your pricing afford you a fair enough income or are you working for nothing?

7. Update your social media accounts.

Is all the information in your profiles correct and current? Think about updating your cover images and profile pictures, too. You can use tools like Canva and Adobe Spark to create eye-appealing images with text.

8. Select your networking groups.

Will you still be attending the groups you participated in last year? Are there some you wish to leave and replace with others? Are there other groups that will put you in touch with your niche client more easily?

9. Revise and order any of your other promotional products such as flyers and brochures, trade show table accessories, or giveaways.

Ensure they consistently match your company brand as far as colors, logo, marketing message.

10. Review the online directories in which your company appears.

Make sure your profiles are complete and accurate. Are there any others that are worthwhile to join?

11. Decide specific areas where you need additional training to improve your product or service knowledge and start looking for and scheduling appropriate training programs.

Could you have provided a better customer experience had you been more informed about a product or service you offered?  Are there changes in your industry of which you need to apprise yourself to remain competitive and/or current?


Most businesses experience slow times at the end and very beginning of the new year. Use this time to analyze what changes you can make to ensure your small business success in 2017.

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