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Are you posting numerous times on Facebook without any interaction from your readers? While it’s good that you are posting, the real key to success is increasing Facebook post engagement.  You want more “shares”, “likes”, and “comments” to increase your credibility as an expert in your industry, build your brand, and generate leads. Here are a few tips to get readers more involved with your Facebook posts based upon research done by a company named  TrackMaven.



Increasing Facebook Post Engagement

1. Include images in your posts. According to a study done by TrackMaven, posts with images received 37% more engagement. If you are posting a link to an article, ensure that the article’s image       appears when the article uploads.

2. Upload the correct-sized images for ultimate visual quality.  Facebook recommends:

News Feed Image – 1200 pxls. X 1200 pxls.

Shared Link Preview – 1200 pxls. X 628 pxls.

Shared Video Preview – 504 pxls. X 238 pxls.

3. Remove the URL link to your article once your article has downloaded into your update area. Your article will still be accessible and your post will look neater.

Facebook-remove link 2


If there is no image, Facebook usually indicates that you can upload a photo.  You should find an image that relates to your article and insert it. However, when you upload the image, the article will disappear meaning you have to keep the link showing in your update.   So best practice – find an article that has an image that will display in your update so you don’t have to add an image.

4. Increase post word count. Research from TrackMaven shows that posts with 80+ words yield 2X  more engagement. This post by Mari Smith has 741 likes, 85 comments, and 41 shares.




5. According to TrackMaven, Thursday is the most popular day to post on Facebook for more engagement. There is less competition;not as many people are posting.

6. Use different punctuation.  TrackMaven’s study revealed that different types of punctuation get different results. This is actually  my post about my bathroom remodel which ends in an exclamation point.  I received 6 comments on this.


#Hashtags average 60% more interaction because they increases your post’s #searchability.

!Exclamation points see 2.7% more engagement than posts without them!

? Use question marks in your posts and your posts could see about 23% more engagement.

7.  Use more emoticons in your Facebook posts according to Amex Open Forum. Using emoticons in your posts will get you:

33% higher “share” rate

33% higher “comment” rate

57% higher “like” rate


8. Post after work hours. TrackMavens’ research also showed that it’s better to post on Facebook between the hours of  5 pm and 1 am.  By doing this you should realize an 11% gain in interactions than had you posted between the hours of 8 am -5 pm; and a gain of 29% more interactions than had you posted between 1 am – 8 am.

9. Keep link titles under 100 characters if you want the title to appear in your post. Otherwise it will be deleted.

10. Posting on a Sunday will get you 25% more engagement than if you had posted the same information on a Wednesday because fewer people post on a Sunday.

So what do you think about the results of this study?  I’d like each of you to do me a favor. Try one of these recommendations in a post on your Facebook business page and leave a comment on this post about your engagement results.  Oh, and by the way, would so appreciate your “like” on my business Facebook page at EncorePerceptionMarketing  if you found this article helpful.  


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