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I’m always amazed at the power of the mind when it comes to marketing and sales. Neuromarketing, the study of why people buy, fascinates me. Every time I receive an article on that topic, I save it in my Evernote tool. In today’s post, I am going to share ways to persuade consumers by using psychology.

Use Psychology to Persuade Consumers

Value vs. Desirability

If you are selling value, like Walmart does, show and highlight the price before your product or service description. Conversely, if you are selling desirability, like BMW does, put your product or service description first before the price and emphasize the benefits.

Appeal to the Consumer’s Pain Points

There is a part of the brain that is responsible for instinct and survival.  It’s the area that makes our decisions and focuses on avoiding pain.  In order to close a sale, you have to appeal to this part of the brain by showing how your product or service can eliminate the customer’s pain.  Use “before” and “after” scenarios when possible. Concentrate your marketing messages on why you are better than your competitors by using text like “We are the best” ; “We are the only” ;  “Timbuktu’s Premier Pet-Sitting Company”.

Use Sense Appeal

Studies by Jay Olsen, a researcher at McGill University in Quebec, Canada  have shown that when people select an item from a menu, many times it’s located at the very top or very bottom of the menu. The eye tends to gravitate to these places so it’s a good idea to place the product or service you really want to sell in noticeable places on your listing of services or products.

In a study done by Jennifer McKendrick and colleagues at the University of Leicester, playing French or German background music led people in a wine shop to buy wines from those regions. When later asked about it, the consumers were unobservant of their buying behavior. Stores often play certain types of music to appeal to their niche customers to keep them in the store longer so they will buy more.

Tapping a person on the shoulder or shaking his hand and looking him in the eye will make him much more responsive to suggestions. One study even demonstrated that when a waiter tapped the customer on the shoulder when delivering the bill, he received a larger tip than those who did not. It’s the power of touch!

Likewise, researchers have found that when you offer someone a hot beverage as opposed to a cold one, you appear much warmer to them. You may want to switch out having a cold beer with a prospect to having a coffee instead!

Avoid TMI

It’s readily known that consumers buy for emotional reasons more than for logical reasons. However, when you give the consumer too much detailed information about your product or service, the logical side of his brain reacts. He now feels that he should do further research before purchasing. On your website’s home page, include a short description and highlight the main benefits of your products and services. Place your more detailed information behind tabs.  This way the reader can decide whether to delve deeper into the information or not.

I hope you have found these ways to persuade consumers by using psychology helpful for your own maketing and sales.  What psychological tactics do you currently use to appeal to prospects and convert them to customers?  Leave a comment and let us know.


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