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Don’t you sometimes become frustrated with the little engagement you are getting on the social media marketing content you’re posting?  Have you taken a look at what  you’ve been posting for the past month or so?  Is it all the same type of content? Here are a few social media marketing content resources and ideas to address your exasperation.

I’ve been watching a few fellow social media posters and wondering when are they ever going to invite readers to check out their website, create a coupon for a service or product, or contact them about a special they are running? They are not using the old 80/20 rule. Nourish your readers’ appetites for information about your industry and offer solutions to their problems – 80% of the time.  20% of the time you want to explain a service or product you offer and what benefits it will provide. Then provide a call to action telling your audience what you want them to do next. Let’s  say you post ten times a week on two sites. Eight of those posts should be educational and two of them should be sales-oriented.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to develop a generic social media content posting schedule as GroSocial has done in the infographic below.


social - media - marketing- content - resources-and -ideas


On a weekend, review your generic social media schedule and search or develop content that satisfies the requirement for each day.  You can use a tool like Hootsuite and schedule your posts for the week.  Make sure to check your posts for any comments, likes, or shares to see if your new social media content posting schedule is working.  You want to ensure that you answer any questions your readers may leave in comments. Incorporate images in your posts and use a variety of media.  Readers prefer posts with images, especially photos of people.

What are some social media content resources and ideas you can use to address each theme?

Big Ideas – Check out Pinterest quotes which usually are in “meme format” ( an image with words) For expert advice – check out websites related to your industry.  Set up a Google Alert to notify you about any articles you may want to post.  A mortgage broker may want to set up an alert for ” new mortgage loan programs”.  A home stager may want to set up an alert for “home staging statistics”.

Humor – See if YouTube has any humorous videos related to your industry.  I once used a funny “Customer Service”  YouTube video from a Saturday Night Live Show.  Make sure it is in good taste.  Look for funny quotes or humorous finds on Pinterest.  Search for quizzes on happiness or funniness; search LifeHack ; Google “happiness” or synonyms for it.  Do you have a funny photo or video of an event held at your business? Challenge your readers to create a humorous voicemail message for your business and award a gift card for the winner.  Create your own meme on Canva and post to your social media sites.

Interaction – Fill in – the – blank  questions or statements – research holidays, TV shows,  and movies, for material; find info related to your industry.  Have a contest or a quiz  or just ask a question- make it seasonal.  For example :  “Before you have your real estate photos taken, you should have your house ____ ___?”

Current News – Subscribe to some professional newsletters specific to your industry.  Periodically check industry specific websites for content you can share with readers.  Highlight some charity  or local event you you were involved in.  How about that industry tradeshow you attended?  What can you tell your audience about what you learned?  Make sure you include photos of the event. Scoop It, The New York Times, Money Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Google Trends can provide you with current news related to your industry, also.

Giving Back – Write about a charity you or your industry is supporting through a silent auction. Here is your opportunity to sell by creating a coupon your readers can use to purchase your service or product.  Don’t forget the “call to action.” Call or email us today!  Don’t let another home buyer get away! ”

Day in the Life – Don’t forget to take pictures of you doing your job.  Let readers have an inside peak at what actually happens behind the scenes.  If you feel comfortable, occasionally include photos of family events.  If you are a real estate agent, why not take a photo of you and your happy home sellers after you’ve told them that you sold their home?

Education –  Write a short post or link to a “How To” article.  Include statistics about your product or service.  Include a customer testimonial about your product or service (with their permission) Post one of your existing blog articles which will drive traffic back to your website.

Remember to select and  schedule your posts on the weekend so you accomplish it.  Use the many social media marketing content resources and ideas I mentioned in this post.  Respond to comments or questions.  Make sure that 20% of your posts are selling your product or service. Otherwise, you’ll be giving out information forever with no revenue-producing outcome. Track your results to see what’s generating the most engagement. Getting feedback from your readers is the first step in the lead generation process. Social media engagement can lead to sales!

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Social-Media-Marketing- Content- Resources-and-Ideas

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