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“I don’t have time to do social media marketing for my business!” exclaimed Jane to her marketing coach.  “That’s a shame, Jane, because you are really missing out on a lot of potential clients.  Did you know that even when someone refers a business to a consumer, that prospect usually checks it out on the company’s website and on social media sites?  They’ll look for testimonials, ratings and how much good information there is about the company’s goods and services.  In fact, according to the results of this 2013 survey I’m reading, 71% of consumers were more likely to make a purchase based upon social media referrals,” said Diane, Jane’s marketing coach.

“I didn’t know that.  Let me see that study you are reading on  How Social  Media Affects Buying Decisions,” responded Jane.  “Here it is, Jane. Look at the entire infographic to see the  main findings of the study and then tell me whether you are going to include social media in your marketing mix! ”  Diane replied as she handed the image to her client.





“These results are amazing!” shrieked Jane.  “I can’t believe that 41% of the consumers surveyed said they weren’t even considering a purchase when they stumbled upon  the item or service they purchased.  They’re sort of like me with my expensive window shopping habits.  My husband has a fit when I come home with all those shopping bags.  So I started hiding my purchases in the trunk of my car until he is out of the house,” joked Jane.

” Seriously, though, Jane, can you see the benefit of using social media to attract prospects who turn into customers?  Think about all of the additional  attention social media can bring  to your real estate listings. It can even help  you develop relationships with professionals who can refer business to you,” advised Diane.

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How -Social-Media-Affects-Buying-Decisions

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