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In January, you crafted your sales goals for this year as part of your business plan. Did you define the marketing strategies you’ll need to reach your sales goals?  Here are a few you’ll love especially when your income increases.

Reach Your Sales Goals


Dedicate at least 1-2 hours each week to go “lead hunting”.

Offline – check out the local networking events in your community using Visit a few groups and decide which one or two will give you leads and join them. Attend them on a regular basis so the members become familiar with you and will trust you enough to give you a lead.

Online – If attending in-person networking events isn’t your thing, join groups and communities on social sites your niche client might frequent and begin contributing helpful articles and answering questions. I’ve received some clients by being in the right Linked-in groups.

Create a 30-60 Second Value Proposition Message – Why should people buy from you?

Answer the following questions in your message:

Who you are?

What’s your company name?

What services/products do you you provide?

Who is your ideal client?

How are you different from others selling the same product or service?

What are the benefits of your products or services?  What problem do they solve?

End with a question that will make the audience think about a good referral for you.

“Whom do you know who needs my products and services ?”

Ask for Referrals

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and customers for leads. Include a statement like, “I always have time for your referrals”, in your email signature, website, newsletters, blog articles, and correspondence. This will keep you top of mind with them. Make it a policy to send a gift card to the person who refers business to you as a token of your appreciation. This may incentivize them to market your business more.

Ask for Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to get customers. Think about when you bought something online and weren’t sure whether to purchase it or not. Didn’t you look at the customer reviews before finally buying that product or service?  One caveat: make sure you give the customer questions to answer to help them write a powerful review.  Otherwise, your review will be “Dan did a great job on our porch.”  That is not compelling enough to get you more clients. Use these questions:

Why did you hire us?

How did you like working with us?

What did you like best about your experience with us?

Would you recommend us to others? Why?

Make Yourself the Sales Expert

Give presentations

Speak to different groups to spread the word about your brand. Think about a topic that would really resonate with your audience to generate leads. If you have trouble speaking, join a local Toastmasters’ Group to improve your oral communication skills. During your presentation, collect names and email addreses by raffling off a free prize. You’ll walk away with information that will enable you to remain in touch with audience members.

Create a blog

Have a blog installed on your website and write a helpful article once or twice a week using words that your audience would search to find you. Every time you blog – you are giving the search engines more ways to find you which will help increase your search engine optimization.

Take sales training

Look for classes online that will take you through the buying process and take you into the mindset of a buyer at each stage.

Read sales books

 Brainfluence by Roger Dooley helps you understand the way the brain reacts to cognitive and sensory stimuli during the buying process.  This book is so interesting; it’s one of my favorites that every sales person should read.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s The Little Red Book of Selling is another treasure trove of information on selling. Gitomer feels that the only thing that matters in sales is why people buy. He gives you his 12.5 principles of sales greatness. Here’s one of them: “Use creativity to differentiate and dominate.”

Online ads

There’s no getting by it.  Nowadays, you need to be using Google Ads or Facebook Ads to attract leads.  It’s not enough just to do regular posting on Facebook because Facebook controls how many people see your posts.  Both ads let you identify your marketing objective and target your audience. Facebook ads are less expensive than Google Ads, but Google ads appear to get better results. Check them both out and see which one suits your budget. I know people who are using both and getting great results.

Are you having problems meeting your sales aspirations? Give me a call today at 904.553.0366 to create a comprehensive marketing plan geared to helping you reach your sales goals.

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