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Just looked at my Google Analytics and was amazed that Pinterest is the second top social site bringing traffic to my website.  Your small business is most likely on Facebook, a very popular social media platform. But is it on Pinterest? If not, you are missing out on the most engaging and loyal users on social media!

The majority of regular Pinterest users depend on it when making a decision to purchase. They can see comments others have left about a pin as well as how many times the product or service has been repinned.  As a small business, Pinterest can give you great insight into what people want. Here are some Pinterest marketing tips and facts that will inspire you to consider using it as a viable online marketing tool.

Pinterest Marketing Tips and Facts Worth Considering

The average lifespan of a pin is three and a half months – 1600X longer than a Facebook post. In fact, it can continue to live beyond that when it gets shared with others through repinnings – maybe even forever!




When setting up your Pinterest site, it’s a good idea to start by creating 4 or 5 boards for things your audience loves, such as; decorating ideas, recipes, vacation ideas; seasonal items; and, 2 boards centered on your business: your services and products and informative pins related to your industry.

For the best search engine optimization, it’s best to name your account using your company name.

Your About Me section of your profile gives you 200 words to describe your business so make sure you include some strong keywords. Use keywords related to your products, services, or industry.





You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Pinterest account for cross-promoting your brand. Once done, you can invite your followers to connect with you on Pinterest. You can also include links to your pins in your Twitter and Facebook posts.




Pin your blog articles to Pinterest and use a different image if you need to do so. You can simply click on the cross + at the top of your Pinterest board and upload a pin.

There are 3 types of boards you can create:

Find and Follow Boards – the most common boards – can be accessed by anyone searching Pinterest

Group Boards – you can create a group board which will allow multiple people to pin to a board. You have to be following the person to invite him to pin to the group board. Group boards are good for collaborating on a project.

Secret Boards– you can take it one step further and create a secret board by flipping the “secret” toggle. Again you can invite people to pin to your secret board.  If you are working on something a bit more confidential, the pins from this board will not appear in the home feed and won’t be counted towards your total pin count.

A research study done by Mashable determined that when people browse your Pinterest page their eyes immediately go to pins that are in the top row and center of the page. Arrange your pins so your most important ones are located in these areas of your boards.

I’ll admit that I have been spending the majority of my social media time on Facebook and Twitter.  Seeing how much traffic Pinterest brought to my website plus the fact that it can help increase Google ranking has convinced me I had better start pinning more. Have these Pinterest Marketing tips and facts inspired you to give Pinterest a chance as one of your daily social media marketing channels?

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