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I just attended a fabulous Social Media Society hangout presented by Social Media Examiner. I’m excited to share what I learned about the do’s and don’ts of increasing your Facebook organic reach. (free reach)

It’s no secret that Facebook wants more of us small business owners to pay for Facebook ads. I believe that small businesses should do some Facebook advertising because of the excellent audience targeting options. You would never be able to define an audience like this by advertising in a newspaper and it would cost you a hell of a lot more money! I suggest to my clients that while two or more ads per month are ideal, if their budget is tight, go for one ad that really “packs a punch.”

Facebook’s Ranking System for Increasing Your Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook takes the following into consideration when evaluating how much reach to give your post on your business Facebook page:

  1. The amount of time the user spends reading your post. The more time spent, the better reach for your post.
  2. How much time elapses between the reader clicking on your link and coming back to Facebook, which is called the Springback Time. The longer that time is, the better. It shows Facebook that your article has relevance to the reader.
  3. The frequency of posts coming from the same source. Mix it up a bit.  For example, if you own a bakery and all of your post links are coming from Betty,  Facebook will penalize your reach for doing this.

What You Can Do to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

  1. Write compelling headlines for your posts. “How to’s” “7 Ways to”, “9 Tips”. Use “you “in the title – address the reader – make the title more personal.
  2. Avoid overly promotional content because Facebook considers that a penalty. Best rule of thumb- limit them to no more than 1x per week.
  3. There is no penalty for using hashtags on Facebook, but they really do not serve a purpose and are better reserved for Twitter.
  4. Don’t ask readers to “please leave a comment” or “please share”. Facebook will “ding” you for it. They only exception seems to be if those phrases are in the audio of a video.
  5. Announce any business accomplishments/news that might garner a comment of “congratulations”. Posts with this comment tend to get better reach.
  6. Use Facebook Live (live streaming) if you want excellent reach. Facebook does not seem to penalize you for sales jargon or the ability to announce your company name.
  7. Use the Audience Optimizer in the update box on your timeline (pictured below) Simply click on it and it will open allowing you to target people with up to 16 certain interests in their Facebook profile. This should give you a better reach and it’s FREE!  If you don’t have an Audience Optimizer, follow the easy instructions here to get it to dipslay in your Facebook update blocks.

increasing - Facebook-organic-reach

8.Analyze your competitors’ posts. How often do they post and how much engagement are they getting? What seems to be working for them?  Is it something worth trying on your Facebook page?

9. Look for patterns in your own posts. Which ones did the best as far as reach?  Try that same post on the weekend if you posted it during the week and vice versa. Change the format if you can.  For example, can you turn the post into an image or video?  Introduce the post with Facebook Live.

With an audience of about 1.65 billion users, Facebook is the place to be to get and convert leads especially if you are a B2C (direct business that serves consumers). Experiment with the suggestions I mentioned from the webinar I attended for increasing Facebook organic reach. Let me know if you notice any difference in your reach and/or engagement. If you are interested in having some Facebook advertising done, please contact me via this website or call me at 904.553.0366.



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