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Imroving-Linked-in -engagementAre you experiencing difficulty getting any interaction with your Linked-in posts? Linked-in is a little more formal than Facebook because it caters to businesses as the consumers.  Yet, some of the posting can be similar.  The Linked-in post below received 41 “Likes” and 25 “Shares”.  Let’s take a look at what things are necessary for improving Linked-in engagement with your content.



Improving -Linked-in -engagement Tips to Improve Your Linked-in Content

Use a catchy headline or question to catch attention and draw your readers in.

Include a call to action.  Tell your readers what you want them to do as a result of reading your post. “Learn the answer here.”  Visit our open house on ______”

Attach a photo.  Just like Facebook, images attract the eye and entice the audience to read what you’ve posted.  According to Quick Sprout, an online lead generation company, posting images can  result in a 98% higher comment rate

If you post a link to an article, delete the link as soon as Linked-in picks up the article.  It will make your article appear more natural and cleaner. This post doesn’t show any link URL’s and has a call to action, “Learn how here”. It received 328 “likes” and 26 comments.  The heading of the article is an example of sensationalism which peaks interest.


According to Linked-in, limiting your post to 50 characters could increase your engagement by 28% .

If you post a link to an article, go in and edit the title of the article if it has more than 70 characters or else it won’t show.   See how the end of the  title drops off.



Sharing a link in your post can drive up to 200% more engagement.

According to Quick Sprout , linking to videos can get you a 75% higher “share” rate.



Linked-in claims that publishing 20 posts a month allows you to reach 60% of your audience.   

You can convert your page fans to customers with offers.  In fact Linked-in is 277% more effective than Facebook or Twitter for lead generation. Hub Spot reported in 2012 that Linked-in users are more receptive to lead generation content as long as the content is valuable to them. Many real estate agents post their listings on Linked-in.  Think about all of the potential job transferees that frequent Linked-in  – a good source of home buying leads.

Improving -Linked-in - engagement

Improve Linked-in Engagement – Share the Right Type of Content

Visitors to Linked-in are looking for information about breaking news, industry  trends, events, seasonal information/offers, business tips and advice,  inspirational/motivational quotes, and offers. Below is a recent post for  Earth Day that received 45 “likes”.

Improving -Linked-in-Engagement

Here is an example of a sales offer that received 96 “likes” and 13 comments. As you can see, it asks a question to garner the interest of the audience.  Keep in mind that 80% of your posts should be informational and 20% should be promotional.  If you post your blog article to give information or advice, but you have a call to action in it that asks readers to  buy a service, this could  be “salesy”, too.






Improving -Linked-in-engagementThis next post, an inspirational quote received  98 “likes” and 11 comments.










Improving-Linked-in-EngagementImproving your Linked-in engagement will take effort but using these tips should make it easy. Have you received a lot of engagement on a Linked-in post? Leave a comment and let us know what you did.








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