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Where can you showcase your church brand’s personality to help prospects get a better idea of who you are and what your values and benefits are? The answer is through social media marketing. Just take a look at the number of monthly users on the main social sites in the image below.

Improve-Your -Church-Brand-Through-Social- Media-Marketing

Improve Your Church Brand Through Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Church’s Brand

  1. Less expensive than traditional radio, TV, or newspaper advertising
  2. Showcases your brand 24/7
  3. Increases traffic to your website
  4. Easy to update information so it’s always relevant to your niche client
  5. Fast delivery of information
  6. Ability to share content easily to grow following

Examples of What to Post on Your Church’s Social Media Sites

Now that you are aware of the popularity of social media and the benefits of social media marketing, let’s review how you can improve your church’s brand through social media marketing.

  1. Post event notifications. Facebook has an event application and ads to help you promote your event. Post it on Twitter – create a hastag# or special symbol to increase its visibility – for example #JacksonvilleChurchConcert. Post a photo of the event on Instagram and create a geotag  which will automatically put in the exact location where you are – so make sure it’s the event location. Write an update on Linked-in or post the event in any Linked-in groups you’ve joined who might have an interest in attending your event.
  2. Post photos or videos of different events your church sponsors. Readers can learn about the different functions you run as well as the congregation. Ensure that some of the images are depicting the interior and exterior of the church, too. (No, you don’t have to show how large the parking lot is!)
  3. Post announcements of a new staff member, a new staff title, a special guest at your weekly service.
  4. Post Inspirational quotes.
  5. Post reminders of regular or special church services.
  6. Upload videos of certain parts of a service.
  7. Post  blog article from your website blog.
  8. Post testimonials from congregants. Get their permission first.

Best Practices for Effective Church Social Media Postings 

  1. Focus on 2 sites where your congregants and potential congregants frequent. After you determine the demographics of your church, do a  Google search for “social media demographics.” You’ll learn which sites your niche congregant frequents and can plan your strategy accordingly. 
  2. Use #hashtags in front of keywords on #Facebook, #Instagram, #Twitter, #Google+, and #Pinterest.
  3. Include an image and text in each post. Link to an article that would help your church members and post it.
  4. Include your social media site URLS in your email signature and on your business cards.
  5. Include social media “follow” and “share” links on your website and e-newsletters.
  6. Get congregants and staff members to “share” “like”, and “comment” on your posts so others will also do so.
  7. Use the social media site analytics to determine if you are attracting more leads or getting more engagement. If you have a Google account, have your webmaster establish Google Analytics for your website so you can detemine how many people are being referred through your social media sites. 

You can easily improve your church brand through social media marketing if you remain consistent in your posting schedule, and post relevant information for your audience. Reach those prospective congregants for less money than direct mail or newspaper ads.

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