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Understanding why consumers visit your social media sites can improve your lead generation and ultimately your sales by clueing you in on their interests.

Take a look at the analytics features of the two main sites where you do the majority of your social media marketing. You should be able to see some demographics depicting the main age groups that follow what you are posting. Is this demographic the age group that comprises your target market? Will that age group eventually purchase your product or service?

Marketing Sherpa recently conducted a research study focusing on why consumers follow certain brands on social media. Here are some insights from the study:

I follow brands on social media because:

I want to get regular promotions and coupons.

48%= Age 18-34   35%= Age 35-44    37%= Age 45-54    15% =55-64   19% = Age 65+

I am interested in buying their products.

43%= Age 18-34   29%= Age 35-44    27%= Age 45-54   15 % =55-64   16 % = Age 65+

They are having a sweepstakes, discount, or gift card.

35%= Age 18-34   29 %= Age 35-44   31 %= Age 45-54   14 % =55-64   14% = Age 65+

They produce entertaining content – funny videos and memes, jokes, etc

32%= Age 18-34   24 %= Age 35-44   22 %= Age 45-54    16% =55-64   9% = Age 65+

They produce helpful information that I like to see – How to Guides, etc

30%= Age 18-34   20%= Age 35-44    18%= Age 45-54    11% =55-64   4% = Age 65+

My family, friends or colleagues follow this brand.

19%= Age 18-34   17%= Age 35-44   14 %= Age 45-54    8% =55-64   12% = Age 65+

The brand reflects my lifestyle.

24%= Age 18-34   15 %= Age 35-44    15%= Age 45-54    6% =55-64   5% = Age 65+

I need to contact them about a problem or concern I have with their brand.

14%= Age 18-34   10%= Age 35-44    12%= Age 45-54    9% =55-64   8% = Age 65+

I need to tell them about a good experience I had with their brand.

17%= Age 18-34   10%= Age 35-44   10 %= Age 45-54    7% =55-64   7 % = Age 65+

I support their charitable work.

15%= Age 18-34   8 %= Age 35-44    12%= Age 45-54    7% =55-64   5 % = Age 65+

I see their social media icons on their websites, signatures, and print ads.

14%= Age 18-34   11%= Age 35-44    10%= Age 45-54    4% =55-64   5% = Age 65+

I notice they have a lot of followers so I want to follow, also.

7%= Age 18-34   3%= Age 35-44   2 %= Age 45-54    1% =55-64   1% = Age 65+

Significant takeaways from this study

Attracting fans to your site

Fans may invite people to like your page or may share one of your posts with a friend who decides to like your page. They may also follow you because they see your social icon or social link in your signature, website, business card, newsletter ,etc. A stranger may stumble upon your site and identify with what you are posting.  They may do a search for a keyword in your profile and your site may come up. Sometimes strangers stumble upon a site with a lot of likes or follows and decide that the site must be worth following.

Converting fans into leads

Conducting sweepstakes or contests as well as providing downloadable content can change those prospects into leads if you get their names and email addresses. Once you have the email addresses, you can continue to market to them through email campaigns, too.

Getting fans to buy

Once you start providing additional information about your products or services vis email marketing, your lead will start to know, like and trust your brand and is likely to make a purchase. If a visitor is looking for a discount on a service you provide, he may buy right away or follow your site for a while to learn more about you and your products and services.

Delighting customers

Your happy customers will gladly leave testimonials about your products and services on your social media sites enticing others to buy from you. Likewise, if they experience a problem, you may also hear from them on your social sites. You’ll need to handle the situation to the customer’s satisfaction. You might indicate in a comment that you’d like to resolve the issue and have the unhappy customer email you with their phone number.

If you are marketing to a certain age group, take note of the study results pertaining to that demographic. Promotions, discounts and coupons appeal to most people.  A good mix of entertaining and informative content will keep your audience returning.  You‘ll need to experiment to determine exactly what type of content is most popular. Your objective should be to get more shares which may result in more followers, likes, or connections.  Getting more loyal fans to follow your brand on your social media sites can lead to more sales.

What types of content have you posted on social media that have helped your brand successfully capture leads?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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