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You’ve set your social media marketing goals and now it’s time to select the sites that will help you meet them. How do you determine the social media networks to achieve your business goals?

How to Determine the Social Media Networks To Achieve Your Business Goals

  • Determine who your niche client is.

Who could benefit the most from your products and services? What is their age, gender, socioeconomic background, educational level?   If you ‘ve already started serving clients, think about their commonalities.  Perhaps you are a real estate agent and have served empty nesters looking for that final landing-place.  Narrow down their demographics. Which social media sites do they frequent? Do a Google search for “2015 social media demographics” and you should have the information you need.

  •  Decide if you are marketing to consumers or other businesses.

Are you trying to directly reach consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B)?  Which sites are best for attracting each population?

  • Research the types of results you can expect with the sites your niche client frequents.

If you want more website traffic, which site has tools you can implement to do this?  If you are looking for more repeat buyers, is there a site that provides ways to achieve this? If you are a new business, which site is good for building brand awareness? Which site will help you improve your brand’s reputation as the authority in your industry?

Let’s take a look at four of the better-known social media sites to see which ones might support your marketing efforts.


With 1.591 billion monthly active users (DMR Digital Stats, 1/16), Facebook is clearly the most popular social media site and has the most engagement. 62% of the total adult population use this site (Pew Research, 8/15). Millennials aged 15 through 34 use it more than any other generation. (American Press Institute, 3/15) 70% of its users log on daily and 43% use it several times a day (Pew Research, 8/15).

Facebook’s newsfeed gives your posts great visibility to increase brand awareness and website traffic as well as improve your brand reputation. However, the new Facebook algorithms control who sees your posts which can sometimes be as low as 2% of your fans. Therefore, it’s imperative to use Facebook ads consistently to reach your audience.  Facebook ads allow you to target your audience so you reach your niche clients. Boosting a post once a month will increase its visibility and may even get you more page “likes”.  Regular ads are a better option because they are more targeted and geared to meeting your designated objective. Both B2B’s and B2C’s can benefit from using Facebook ads


As of December 2015, Twitter had 320 million active users (Twitter 12/15) According to an August 2015 study done by Pew Research, 30% of online adults under 50 use Twitter. While B2C’s get a 16% better response to Tweets on weekends; B2B’s do 16% better during business hours (Quick Sprout 2015).

Although Facebook has more users, Twitter has the volume – approximately 500 million Tweets sent daily. With this amount of activity, you’re bound to have someone mentioning your company name or starting a discussion that you may want to join.  Use Twitter as a venue for answering dissatisfied customers and making them happy to build your brand reputation. You’ll need to monitor your incoming Tweets and messages.  I use a free tool called “Tweetdeck” to watch and respond to the activity on my Twitter site. Twitter is also a great place to build brand awareness to attract leads.


Linked-in is more business-oriented than the previous sites. Out of its 400 million registered users (Linked-in 12/15), 29% of B2B marketers use Linked-in; whereas only 5% of B2C businesses use it (Social Media Examiner/ Heidi Cohen – 2013) Most Linked-in users are between 30-49 years old – a mix of millennial and generation x’ers. Your business will get the best results by participating in Linked-in Groups and contributing articles to Linked-in’s blog platform, Pulse. Like Facebook, Linked-in has also adopted ads for marketing. This will increase brand awareness and help your brand reputation. Linked-in’s fastest growing population are students and recent college graduates looking for employment (Linked-in, 12/15).

You Tube

Did you know that You Tube is not only a social media site but the second biggest search engine in the world after Google!  In fact, You Tube is owned by Google and presently has about 1.3 billion users (Linked-in, 2016). According to the latest statistics I could find, 9% of small businesses use You Tube as a marketing tool. 81% of millennials use it and 58% of generation x’ers do, also (DMR Statistics 2014). Clearly, if your niche client falls into either of these demographics and meets your other criteria, you should be using You Tube to market to them.  Video marketing is going to be huge this year.  As a B2C company, you could create how-to videos to establish brand awareness. B2B companies should ensure that their videos are optimized by using keyword rich text (Heidi Cohen , 2013) Using You Tube Cards and closed captioning can also increase your searchability.

Have you decided which sites would best meet your social media marketing goals? I usually recommend concentrating your marketing efforts on two sites five times a week. However, if you want more post exposure, you’ll need to use paid ads to do so. Set aside a certain amount to spend every month and experiment with the type of ads and targeted audience that give you the best bang for your buck.

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