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Have you been using Twitter for any of your marketing? Are you not that familiar with it? Hopefully, after reading this post, you ‘ll learn the basics of tweeting yourself to more leads.

Understanding the Basics of Tweeting

Why Use Twitter?

As of 4/27/16, Twitter had 310 million users according to DM Statistics. A good number of Twitter users go on first thing in the morning every day and later in the day. Being on Twitter can:

Help build your brand awareness which can lead to more leads;

Give you customer feedback;

Enable you to market to more people;

Allow you to spy on your competition;

Increase your sales;

Inform everyone about important news regarding your company;

Increase brand loyalty

Who Uses Twitter?

According to a 2015 Pew Research study, Twitter is most popular with those aged 18-49 who have at least some college education, are male, have an average income of $75K+ and are Hispanic or Black living in an urban setting. If this profile fits your niche customer, you should definitely be on Twitter.

What’s the Best Time to Post on Twitter?

I’ve read a lot about when to post on Twitter and post at 5pm if I want to get more retweets from other people or at 6pm if I want more people to click on any links I have included in my tweet. The Huffington Post adheres to this reasoning and even adds 12pm as a good time to post for a higher click-thru rate.

Whom Should You Follow?

If you want to get the most benefit out of Twitter, you should follow:


Business partners, vendors, contractors, and suppliers

Competitors or peers

Trade or professional organizations for your industry

Businesses in your vicinity

What Are the Image Sizes for Twitter?

Cover Image = 1500X500

Profile Picture = 200X200

Tweet image = 440X220

What Does a “Tweet” consist of?

A tweet is a 140-character message that you type in your dialogue box. You can use keywords for your industry or location in it preceded by a #hashtag to increase the searchability of those terms.


Posted Tweet with #Hashtags

Types of Tweets:

Informational Tweets – to help your customer learn more about a topic related to your industry or the latest news

Promotional Tweets – promoting your services in an ordinary tweet.  Keep this to 20% of your tweets per week

Pinned Tweets – access your profile. Scroll to the tweet that really did well that you want to pin to the top of your tweets so it gets more exposure.

Click the three …dots next to the “View Tweet Activity” bar graph just beneath your tweet.

Click “Pin” in the dialogue box.

Refresh your profile to make sure the pin appears at the top of your profile.

Any tweets you post after that will fall below your pinned tweet. Just remove the pinning flag on the post when you want to and the post will return to its regular place.


How to Repin a Tweet

Quote Tweets – are very popular especially those with images.  You can use a tool called Tweet Jukebox to automatically post quotes to your timeline as many times a day as desired. This tool is free for up to 2 profiles. Otherwise, it’s around $12.99 per month.

Retweeted Tweets – either your tweet or someone else’s. You now have the opportunity to add some words and acknowledge the original tweeter in your retweet which is always good to do to build relationships.

Polls – You can now conduct a poll from your tweet box to get more engagement and to post something different.


Twitter Poll Symbol

Twitter Paid Ads

Just like Facebook, Twitter allows you to use their paid advertising option through tweets, Twitter Cards, or video. You select your goal: gain website traffic; increase online purchases; gather high quality leads; build your audience; increase retweets, likes, and mentions. You can target your audience, set up a website tag to capture leads for remarketing; set up a payment method; and see your results for paid and unpaid tweets through Twitter Analytics.

Twitter Best Practices

Include images in your tweets because they generate more engagement.

Try to tweet about 3X per day to get the best engagement.

Respond to those who engage (likes, retweets, mentions) with your posts. I use a free tool called Tweetdeck which gives me a dashboard of my activity and enables me to follow those who have followed me or respond by way of attaching an emoji or Direct Message (only to followers).

Follow those who follow you and who have some similarity to you, e.g., same location, same industry.

Vary your tweets by including tweets that are informational, humorous, inspiring, polling, and promotional.

The basics of tweeting will give you enough information to get started using another social media platform. Give it a try and let us know if you are tweeting yourself to more leads!

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