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Are you not a Linked-in fan? Nervously guessing how to attract Linked-in leads? I must admit, Linked-in has generated the most leads and lead conversions for me. I think you should reconsider your stance on this social media site which now has about 414 million users. It started out being a B2B type of site where you could network with other professionals. That’s still the case but it’s also become a tool for job seekers and employee-seekers.

How Does a Business Attract  Linked-in Leads?

  1. Make sure your Linked-in personal profile and company page are complete.

Your personal profile page gives you more opportunities to proactively network with other professionals through Linked-in Groups and your connections. You can also post informative videos there. Your company page enables you to do sponsored ads and is extremely SEO-friendly. If you have employees, you can link their personal profiles to your company page.

I’m going to confess – I don’t have a Linked-in company page and most people I know get more lead generation results from their personal profile. I would be more likely to advertise on Facebook than Linked-in anyway, because of the number of users and the targeting opportunities. If you want to showcase your company on Linked-in , there’s no harm in doing so. It certainly can’t hurt your SEO if you keep posting on it consistently.

2. Get involved in Linked-in groups.

Check out all the groups you can join by clicking on “Interests” and then “Groups”. Ask yourself where your niche client might be participating? All of my social media leads who became customers came from Linked-in Groups. I started hanging out in a few groups where my targeted customer was lingering.  I would answer their questions and post informative articles which would spur discussion. People who barely knew me at first could see that I was a practical marketing resource. It was amazing. These group members I bonded with started calling me for marketing plans and social media training. In fact, I still blog for one of the people I met in a Linked-in group.  He is a top performer in his industry, too.

You do have to spend some time to build up authority; lead generation doesn’t happen overnight. It was well worth it for me. I adjusted my Linked-in group settings to receive notifications when those certain groups had a new discussion. I would then comment on the discussion or look through my resource library that I had stocked up in Evernote to find an article that might add some clarity to the topic of the discussion.  I highly recommend you spend some time in Linked-in groups if you want to get leads. Let reciprocity work for you, too. Help someone and they will feel obligated to hire you if they trust you.

3. Start blogging on Linked-in Pulse.

Did you know that Linked-in has its own blogging platform? To write a post, click on the pencil in your update box and write away.  Once you publish your article, you’ll see it on your personal profile page. People who like your style of writing on a topic of interest to them will start following you to receive more of your posts. Some of these followers will ask to connect with you. They will also go to your website and subscribe to your blog. You can also get analytics on how each post resonated with your audience – You will see the number of shares, comments, and likes.  I always include a little blurb of information about my company with a link to my website at the end of each article.  After checking my Google Analytics, I noticed that people were coming to my website from Linked-in.

Takeaway – If your business services other companies, Linked-in is a great place to focus on meeting your lead generation goals. The key is to give information of value on your profile, in the groups, and in your blog posts.  You’ll also get endorsements on your personal profile from leads who admire your level of expertise. It’s a win-win.  Don’t underestimate using this site to attract Linked-in leads.

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