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Are you ready to learn some ways to improve your sales through Pinterest marketing? One of the biggest reasons to use Pinterest to market your small business is because it’s the second best social site for bringing traffic back to your website. Facebook, of course, is the top social site for doing this. Let’s examine what you can do to increase leads on Pinterest to get more sales.

Strategies to Improve Your Sales Through Pinterest Marketing

1. Set up a Pinterest business account.

You can either start out with one or convert your existing personal account into a business account. You will then be able to monitor your pinning efforts through Pinterest Analytics. For instructions on how to do this, go to the Pinterest website.

2. Answer these 5 questions before deciding what to pin or repin.

Will my followers find this pin?

Are my followers likely to repin it?

What type of prospect am I trying to reach with this pin?

Could they have an interest in my business and be a potential follower who later becomes a customer?

Is it a popular post that has been repinned many times?  (think thousands of times)

3. Create eye-appealing pins to get more repins.

Most Pinterest users are women who are attracted to light, bright, beautiful images. Refine your pins to ensure that they are vertical in orientation.  The ideal Pinterest pin size is 735px wide X1102px high.



4. Add text to your pin in the Description section.

Give your pin a name and briefly describe why you are pinning it. Use keywords for your industry that are related to your pin.  Writing a good title and description will prevent someone else from changing it when they repin it. You can also add your location and your website address in those respective areas listed in the Edit This Pin block

Visitors will know where the image came from and can go back to your website. Anyone looking for a local business in your area to provide a certain service may just consider you.



5. Post from your actual blog post not from your main blog page.

People will then be taken back to exactly what they want to read. Make sure that is the website address you put into the website listing section of the Edit This Pin block.

6. Install a Pin-It button on your website.

This will enable your website visitors to pin images from your website giving your brand more exposure. Let other people do your marketing for you. If you are not familiar with HTML coding, it’s best to have your website developer install this button to your website.  If you are brave enough to try it, here are the Pin-It Button instructions .

7. Create a variety of boards that are relevant to your business and will help attract your potential customer.

As a Jacksonville social media marketing manager, I would definitely have a board on social media marketing, content creation, communications, and marketing. These boards would be of interest to my prospects.  If I’m looking to attract restaurants, I might also have a food board.  If I want to attract home stagers, I would want to have a home decorating board.

8. Pin often.

Try to pin daily.  Pin your blog posts; pin older blog posts; repin interesting and relevant posts from people you follow. In fact, before pinning any posts from your blog, ensure the images are Pinterest-friendly – are taller than wide. If not, change them so they are more appealing to Pinterest users.

9. Promote your Pinterest pins.

You can create ads to target a certain audience for these three ad campaign objectives:

To build brand awareness – you get charged per 1,000 impressions of  your pin (for every 1,000 times it is shown).

To boost engagement– you get charged for each repin or click.

To send traffic to your website – you get charged when users click back to your website.

Will you be using any of these strategies to improve your sales though Pinterest marketing?  Just a word of warning.  Pinterest can be addictive; you can find yourself getting lost in images for hours. Have a dedicated amount of time you will be spending on Pinterest to repin and pin your content.  If you‘ve already gotten business from Pinterest, we’d like to hear about it.  Leave a comment telling us the details.

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