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 As a thank you for being loyal readers of my blog, I thought I’d share some of my most valued  tips for  your 2016 small business success which I’ve been discussing throughout my blog.

 Every 3 months, take time to review your marketing plan, products and services offered, and pricing.  Ask yourself these questions:

What were my areas of biggest success?

What mistakes did I make and how can I learn from them?

Which activities were time-wasters – things I need to modify or eliminate?

If I could redo something, how would I do it differently?

What networking events can I add or delete?

What additional training do I need to strengthen my knowledge about my industry?

Am I offering services that are beneficial to my clients? Should I add or discontinue a service?

Does my level of experience warrant a price increase on my most popular services?

Strengthen your brand.

Have you identified a niche client that your brand will attract?

Do prospects know what you do when they hear or see your company name?

Do you have a catchy tagline that shows the benefits of working with your company?2016-small-business-success

Do your company colors appeal to the prospects you are targeting? Are they appropriate for your industry?

Do you have a friendly informative phone message which makes prospects want to work with you?

Do you have a 60-second elevator speech which defines what you do, who you do it for and how you do it?

Are all of your promotional products sending the same marketing message so that your prospects can identify you and your value?

Do your marketing messages stress how you are different from your competition?

Do you send  thank-you notes to customers?

Do you maintain contact with your customers and prospects through monthly e-newsletter campaigns?

Does your website need a redesign?

Don’t undervalue yourself when pricing your services.

Beware if a customer tells you that you should be charging more. You are probably undervaluing the benefits you provide to your clients.

Always stress the benefits of your product and services and the value of doing business with you.

With your niche client in mind, research  what the market will bear in pricing for your type of services and products and what your competition is charging.

Evaluate how you are different from your competition – your training, your guarantee, your customer testimonials, your experience, your results.

Have the confidence to raise your prices.  If in doubt, pick one service or product and raise that one to test the market. Think of what your niche client’s problem is and present the service or product as a solution.

Have a variety of price points to help customers make a decision that will meet their needs.

Bundle services – use package pricing that enables clients to save money when they purchase a package of services as opposed to an individual service.  Name your packages after benefits – “The Dollar Stretcher”  “The Stress Buster”   “The Money-Maker”, “The Time Saver” etc.



Social Media Marketing can be a great way to get prospects into your sales funnel.

Identify who your niche client is – age, sex, socioeconomic background, hobbies, family status, and problems that your services could resolve.

Use Google Images to find which sites they frequent. Search “social media demographics” to find the 2 sites they most frequently visit. Set up a business account on both sites and post a variety of topics you find that would be helpful to them and related to your industry; post specials on services; post local business events; post your blog articles.  80% of your content should be informational and 20% should be promoting your business.  Make sure you are posting the appropriate information for each site.  Join groups and communities and check out their posting rules.

Research the best times to post for the sites you plan to use. Use images in your posts.  Articles with images are opened more frequently than those without. Vary your content. Include  videos, Slideshares,  infographics,and podcasts. Post at least 5 times a week.

Participate in discussions. Like, share , and comment on people’s posts.

Presentations are powerful tools for increasing sales because prospects can see you and hear your voice. Here are some tips for a stellar performance.

Choose a theme and structure your whole presentation around it. Concentrate on 3 major points you want to make.

Videotape your presentation and upload  it onto You Tube for further reach.

Use visuals to hold the audience’s attention and retention.  Generally, most people learn better visually than aurally.

Use stories to allow the audience to relate to, visualize, and retain your point. Everyone likes a story.

Connect with your audience by moving from behind the lectern.  However, don’t overdo your movements or you will distract them.

Vary the pitch of your voice to hold your audience’s attention. Pause to emphasize key points.

Know your material so you don’t have to hold your notes.  Practice – practice – practice before your presentation.

At the end, circle back to your introduction and pull it together.  Emphasize your 3 main points one more time.

Include a call to action at the end.  What do you want your audience to do as a result of your presentation?  Ideally, your talk should be geared to educating your audience on a service or product you provide without being “salesy”. However, you do want them to take some action such as purchase the special you are offering ,or sign up for your blog or visit your website,



Closing a Sale is easy when you are prepared.2016-small -business-success

Know the 4 customer personality types and how to appeal to each one.

Know what the typical prospect’s objections are.

Create a sales presentation and practice it.  Make sure it addresses how your product or service solves your prospect’s problem

Stress how you are different from your competitors.  What value do customers realize by dealing with you?

 What statistics/ industry data do you have to prove your success in solving the prospect’s problem?

What guarantees do you offer to assure the prospect that your service or product will work?

Do you have customer testimonials to prove your value that you could share with the prospect?

Use the prospect ‘s name when addressing him or her. People love when you address them by name.



There you have it – my 2016 small business success tips. Print a copy and save for future reference. If you need help on any of these suggestions, please contact me  for your complimentary marketing session. I’d love to help you turn more prospects into customers.  January is a great time to begin.

Wishing you and your families good health, happiness, and prosperity in 2016! If you found this article helpful, please share it.


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