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As you watch your business bank account dwindle because of all the money you’re spending on marketing, you’re probably wondering if there are effective free marketing strategies to generate leads.  Here are a few that have helped me:

My Suggested 10 Free Marketing Strategies

1.Blogging – doesn’t cost you anything to post regularly and establish your authority. Use keywords that your customers would use to find you. If you were looking for a painter and you lived in San Diego, would you just enter “painter” into your search? You’d probably enter  “painters in San Diego, California” to refine your search.

2.Facebook Groups – start a Facebook group and invite all of your Facebook fans and potential leads from other social sites. Center it around ways to help your customers and promote discussion in the group. You can actually get a better reach in a group than on your Facebook business page because Facebook will show your posts to all group members. It doesn’t cost you a cent – no ads needed.

3.Start a monthly e-newsletter using the free version of Mail Chimp or IContact. Make sure to read what the limitations are for a free account.  I’ve never used a paid email marketing account. Build your subscriber list from the business cards you gather at networking events as well as your blog subscribers.  Post your campaigns on your social sites.  In fact, you can use a tool like Shortstack to place a newsletter subscribe button below your cover on your Facebook page. Fill your newsletter with informative articles you‘ve found about your industry that will help your readers. Occasionally, offer special pricing on your services.  Encourage your readers to share your newsletter with their friends.

4.Do a presentation for a group that might include leads for you. This is how I have obtained a lot of my clients. Teach the audience something related to your industry that will help them. Offer a limited-time special on one of your services at the end. Collect email addresses for your e-newsletter by raffling off a prize.

5.Start a free networking group in a local library or community establishment. The group’s goal should be to build relationships and help one another get business.

6.Get reviews. Ask your former customers to give you a review on one of  your  social sites or your Google business listing. Testimonials are powerful in getting more customers for you. Mentor the customer so they know the kind of feedback your prospects need to make an informed decision about hiring you.  Have them answer these questions:

Why did you hire us?

What did you like the most about dealing with us?

Would you recommend us to others? Why?

7.Teach a community education class at a college on a topic related to your services/products. You‘ll actually make some money. The college does all the advertising for you. This is a great way to meet people in your community who may become customers.

8.Befriend a local newspaper journalist – someone who might write a free story on your business. When you read your paper, focus on articles that would get business for you if you had a chance to be featured. Notice who wrote the article. The newspapers usually include email addresses of the journalists at the end of each article, too.  Start emailing comments to that writer on the article he’s written. If you have an idea for an article about your business, pose it to him, but show how it will help the community, too. I once landed on the front page of my newspaper – headline story – because I did this and received a lot of publicity and a few jobs as well. (I’m not kidding!)

9.Get involved in a charity. You’ll meet people in the organization as well as people attending their charity events.

10.Directories – make sure your business is listed in local directories. Google My Business, Manta, Yalwa, Yelp . Use keywords that customers would use to find you to describe your products and services.

Over to you! What free marketing strategies guaranteed you leads? Leave a comment and let us know.



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