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Jacksonville, Florida Social Media Marketing Services and Online Content Writing

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Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to changing the perception of your products and services so they outshine your competition and sell themselves. Our Jacksonville, Florida, social media marketing services and online content writing make you the authority in your industry no matter where your company resides. We can save you time and frustration because we know how to convert “lookers” into “buyers”. Our intent is to guide you every step of the way to attract prospects, convert them to customers, delight your clients, and increase repeat sales. 

Our Core Services

Our value-driven online content marketing services are packaged-priced. We offer a loyalty program with progressive discounts for services of 3, 6, and 12 months. You have the ability to use our Jacksonville, Florida social media marketing and blogging services as needed. Our rates are much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time marketing employee.


We guide you every step of the way to convince consumers to know, purchase, repurchase, and refer your products and services to others.

Attracting Converting Closing and Delighting Customers

We can develop your marketing GPS so you avoid any wrong turns on the road to success through:

Marketing consultation
Market research and planning
Defining your brand
Online and traditional lead generation strategies
Closing the sale techniques
Customer referral and retention strategies


Our goal is to discover and focus on the marketing strategies that are best suited to reach your niche client and outperform your competition.

We know the words that sell and are proactive in developing and delivering the right message to attract the right customer through:

Website Copy
Press Releases


We increase consumers’ trust to select you as their product/service provider

Online Company Visibility and Sales

We are certified marketing specialists who increase your chances of getting a sale by amplifying your marketing message on social networks. Our social media marketing services include:

Setting up accounts
Creating content for posts
Posting on multiple accounts
Analysis of results

You can access more information about our services here.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

~ Peter Drucker

Get To Know Us

Industries We’ve Served

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we provide social media marketing, planning, and online content writing, services for small-to-medium-sized businesses worldwide. Our satisfied clients have included companies in the following industries: Real Estate, Dentistry, Automotive Employee Recruitment, Interior Design, Home Staging, Property Management, Residential and Commercial Painting, Pet Sitting, Vintage Furniture Restoration, Event Planning.

How We Are Different

We are a small firm and have actually owned a thriving small business in another industry. When deciding which marketing services will best grow and retain your customer base, we not only rely on our Inbound Marketing and Social Media Maketing training, but also on our experiences as an actual small business. We know what challenges you face and use strategies which we have successfully used in our own company. Our service packages offer you an affordable alternative to the pricey strategies of the big digital marketing agencies.

Principal Social Media Marketing Specialist

Jacksonville-Florida social-media-marketing- services

Mary Habres

Why You’ll Love Working with Us

Better Business Visibility
More Time for You
More Focus
Less Chaos in Your Business
Less Spending on Strategies That Don’t Work
Better Understanding of the Psychology of Buying
Increased Sales
Repeat Business
More Referrals
More Revenue
Start Today!

Writing and selling have always been a part of my career. I taught English composition for 10 years, sold real estate, and developed the marketing materials for a successful college recruitment program in my career in human resource management. It was no wonder that in 2009, I started my first flourishing small business in home staging , marketing homes for a quick sale. Word soon spread about how quickly my homes sold and how many clients I was getting. My colleagues would tell me that marketing was my forte. Realizing that I not only had a passion for staging homes but also for “staging” small businesses for success, I started Encore Perception Marketing, a Jacksonville, Florida social media marketing services company in February of 2012.

Despite the company’s short existence, we now provide social media marketing and online content marketing services locally, nationally, and internationally. Fortunately, I get to spend my time doing what I absolutely love to do. For me, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing my work published and clients achieving their business goals from my written words.

As the founder of Encore Perception Marketing, I remain current on the latest social media marketing strategies. I am a member of the Social Media Marketing Society which provides ongoing training in the field of social media marketing. In addition, I am a Hubspot-certified Inbound Marketing Specialist who is skilled in creating marketing messages that attract online leads who convert to customers.

My love of writing keeps me going seven days a week. I somehow manage to squeeze in some free time with my spouse to enjoy the Florida weather, beaches, and cultural activities. Keeping fit is another goal I try to fulfill. My favorite exercise programs are Zumba, weight training, and yoga. Clearly, if I worked out as much as I write, I’d be in great shape!

I hope to work with you when you need a marketing plan that delivers results; persuasive content that sells; and, social media marketing strategies that build relationships. If you have a sense of humor and want to work with someone who knows how to turn “lookers” into “buyers”, you’ve selected the right small business marketing consultant.

Marketing is what you were born to do. That is your strength.
Katherine F., Home Stager, Jacksonville, FL.
Mary, we seem to be pretty busy these days so your social media marketing and blogging…
Becky E., St. Augustine, Fl
If you are a home stager and/or a small business owner, I highly recommend connecting with Mary Habres…
Jennifer H. , Small Business Owner, Johnsville, Ill.
I hired Mary Habres with Encore Perception Marketing to assist me in building my brand…
Robert Burns, Realtor, Prudential Network Realty, Jacksonville, FL.
Mary, our client Nick is blown away about how accurate your description of his garage flooring products and services is!
Jennifer B., Orlando,Fl.




Presentations for Your Organization






Jacksonville-Florida -social-media-marketing-services
Jacksonville-Florida -social -media -marketing-services

Are you looking for an engaging speaker who makes learning interesting? We offer presentations on various marketing and small business themes or can customize a seminar for you. Here are a few of our popular topics:

Vitamins For Your Business

Take your vitamins daily?


You take your vitamins daily to remain healthy. However, did you know that there are 5 nutritional supplements you need to feed your business to keep it vibrant?

Know Your Prospect's Personality

There are four main personality types that you should know.


There are 4 main personality types that you should know to help you close more sales.  Learn what they are and what you can do to adapt your sales pitch to each one.

Successful Social Media Marketing

Getting social is vital to building better business relationships


Learn why your company needs to be on social media; which sites to use; what and when to post.

A Presentation That Wows!

Deliver a presentation that will make you memorable to your audience.


Do you know how to deliver a presentation that will make you memorable to your audience? Learn what you need to do before, during, and after your presentation to make your delivery powerful and capture leads.

“The finest art of communication is not learning how to express your thoughts. It is learning how to draw out the thoughts of others.”

~Ted Tripp

Wow! Mary Habres’ presentation last evening was so packed with marketing information , I could hardly keep up.
Jonelle T, Sacramento ,Ca.
Mary Habres has been consistently helpful to our home staging company, assisting us with marketing…
Judith Burzell, Homescapes, San Diego
Mary Habres, I’m looking forward to our coaching session tomorrow!!
Kelly Wulbern, The DeClutter Company, Jacksonville, FL.
Mary Habres has a unique blend of marketing skills that range from small business development models…
Judith B., Owner Home Staging Company, San Diego,Ca
I love my new tagline. I finally found someone who truly understands the home staging business.
Carell-Ayne W., Victoria, BC, Canada

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell ”

~   Seth Godin

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Our Popular Marketing Articles
Thank you so much – I love the 60-second commercial you wrote for me! You did a great job in summarizing everything I said plus adding those necessary stats!
Debbie, G., St. John’s County, Florida
Of all the discussion topics I receive, yours are the most informative and relative to growing a business. Always a great read. Thank you for your posts…
Marsha W., professional home stager

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star.

Content marketing is showing the world you are one.” 

— Robert Rose, content marketing strategist.

Jacksonville-Florida-social-media -marketing-services

“Mary Habres , I’m looking forward to our coaching session tomorrow!! You give me such wonderful advice. Out of our 5+ meetings, I’ve seen my business grow and change!! You are the key instrument to that!! Thanks! Anyone out there that is in need of a business/marketing coach needs to contact Mary Habres! She will take your business to a whole new level!!!” ~ Kelly Wulbern, The DeClutter Company, Ponte Bedra Beach, Florida


We are ready to take your business to a whole new level , if you are.

 Call us today  at 904-553-0366 to see what we can do for you!

Small Business Marketing Consulting Firm Located in Jacksonville, Florida ~  Providing Services Nationwide

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